SCM & Partnerships 

eVision is keen to find Supply Partners that do share our vision of enabling the world to transition to electrically powered transport solutions. As such transformation needs to be economically affordable, eVision wants to build relationships with the best suppliers in the fields of innovation, total cost, quality, reliability, availability, sustainability and compliance.

Technologies and Partnerships of Interest

eVision aims to build up long-term relationships, based on mutual cooperation, in the area of

Energy storage technologies,
especially LTO and Li-Air solutions


Lightweight design and construction methods and use of recycled materials


Innovative digital features and smart city integration


eVision, as a young company, but with internationally scalable products in fast-growing underlying markets provides its Supply Partners with an almost unlimited potential for future growth. In such a strategic partnership, they can act as an enabler by

Participating in driving innovation
and development projects


Jointly expand market presence
and enter new market segments


Support growth by providing progressive payment arrangements