Electric Vehicle OEM 

eVision automotive's technical and market competences and experiences cover the entire spectrum, from design to all levels of mechanical and electronic engineering, including proprietary relevant software development, to protype and series production and subsequent market launch and after sales. Such DNA contains all key ingredients to enable eVision to develop and design the next generation electric city bus, resulting in a product that clearly distinguishes itself from all existing competitors’ products. As a consequence, eVision is about to position itself as an industry forerunner, aiming to satisfy the market's current and evolving demand for purpose-designed and innovative, yet solid and functional solutions.  

Product Features - Next Generation Electric City Buses

Nothing less than the world's most innovative and consequently engineered electric city bus. State-of-the-art technology combined with a highly innovative engineering approach, which includes eVision's self-programmed vehicle management systems, proprietary design of light-weight modules and a never seen before adaptability concept, result in a ground-braking electric city bus that addresses current and evolving market requirements.


Eliminating planning insecurities arising from changes in infrastructure availability, eVision's electric city buses are highly adaptive and reconfigurable even when already in operation.


Proprietary software and hardware solutions guarantee eVision’s customers an optimal combination between these vital elements, which are at the core of an efficient and effective electric vehicle technology.

LIGHT WEIGHT Design & Recycled Material

Latest technological developments are taken into account by applying aluminium, stainless steel, composites, wood and recycled materials, resulting in a purpose designed electric vehicle with a 30% overall weight reduction


With its modern design, an overall quality feel, full integration of digital services targeting both passengers and operators, eVision's electric city buses change the perception of public transport.


The proportion of carry-over parts and the degree of modularity exceed the ones of existing products by far. Customers benefit from that in after sales and service of eVision's products.


Optimized energy consumption leads to maximization of the autonomous range while minimizing TCO, total cost of ownership as the ultimate indicator to measure competitiveness.